Changing our mindset and becoming successful

Nurses as Successful Entrepreneurs
November 21, 2014
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February 22, 2016

Changing our mindset and becoming successful

Gail Timms, a successful nurse entrepreneur, talks about her journey from nursing to a successful entrepreneurial leader in “Transition from nursing to business woman.” One thing that struck me was her statement “First and foremost, I had to change my mindset from being a nurse let alone an employee to that of a business owner”. That is so true; many of us who have been nurses for many years are used to turning up for work, getting paid and then going home. And despite the issues of increasing workloads, shift work, poor pay, stress and bullying, we stay on. Why is that?

Some of the reasons why it’s difficult to change our mindset include;

Guaranteed income; it is scary to walk away from a stable income where you are guaranteed your salary into a situation where you might not be sure where the next dollar is coming from. Working for yourself means that you only get paid when you generate the income; if you don’t work you don’t get paid!

Belief; to run your own business you must believe in your ideas and your ability to put them into action. Being in business for yourself means that you need to firmly believe in what you are doing and why you are doing it. If you aren’t sure, then do your homework first, check that there is a market for your product, ascertain the costs, draw up a budget and plan, plan, plan. Most businesses that fail do so because they did not have plans in place to deal with the day-day marketing, networking, book keeping, record management, etc. that are part and parcel of owning your own business.

What will people think?

Many of us hold back because we are worried about what others might think about our decision to leave our job and go out on our own. I was recently talking to a successful nurse who was running her own nursing agency and she said that one thing she regretted was not believing in herself and starting her business earlier. Instead she listened to her family and friends who told her she would be crazy to give up a full-time permanent position to launch her own business. After many years of feeling frustrated at work she decided to work with a coach who encouraged her to explore her options and plan her business strategy before she launched her own business. Finally she felt that she had the knowledge and skills to set-up and run her own business, and within five years she was earning more than she had been when she was employed as a nurse.

Not everyone will develop a successful business; it takes hard work, dedication and a sound business plan. However many nurses do make it, and those that do often say that it is the best thing that they ever did. To join this band of successful entrepreneurs takes tenacity and commitment. And it IS worth it!

What mindset belief do you need to change? Share your ideas below!

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